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What We Believe

At ORRA, we believe the world should be experienced and enjoyed, but we also know that we must collectively change our habits to preserve it and foster meaningful connection with our fellow earthlings.

ORRA products simultaneously enhance the journey while allowing users to carry a clean conscience.

By engaging with travelers directly we created so much more than a product — a tribe of world citizens united by consciousness and respect for Earth and its inhabitants.

Today, the ocean-centric eco-travel gear company is one of the few brands in the industry that has adopted ethical sourcing and manufacturing as a core part of its DNA. Our team of skillful, impact-driven leaders bring rich world travel experiences with extensive knowledge of soft¬ goods manufacturing and sustainable materials for leading function, form, and purpose.

ORRA’s tribe is set on changing the way things are done, fostering sustainable methods of moving through the world.

Our community empowers members to have meaningful social and environmental impact, both individually and through their interactions with us.

ORRA carriers are forward-thinking game-changers who want to make an impact and see themselves thriving and shaping the future versus merely surviving it. They have a sense of taste and style that sets them apart from the average Joe or Jane; demonstrating a fusion of humanity, awareness of nature, business savvy and technical know-how. Members of the ORRA tribe are change agents who are competitive, critical, sharp and successful.