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The Benefits of One Bag Travel: Everything You Need To Know

Posted by Ryan Thompson on

It’s been almost two years since the pandemic started and people are getting antsy to travel again. With that said, the way we travel will forever be changed. Lines in airports for checking luggage are...

Sustainable Travel Hacks

Posted by Ryan Thompson on

ORRA's mission to reduce your carbon footprint doesn't stop at buying our products —it continues as we travel and explore the world. These sustainable travel hacks can be implemented all at once or one by...

How Plastic Bottles Are Being Turned Into Fabric

Posted by Ryan Thompson on

By 2050, industry experts expect that there will be more plastic than fish in the sea. The planet's heavy reliance on single-use plastic has resulted in nearly 8 million tons of plastic in the ocean...

Everyday Carry Essentials For A Sustainable Lifestyle

Posted by Kayla Denson on

In-person learning has commenced, employees are getting called into the office and the world is slowly opening back up leaving many of us, once again, on the go. No matter where you find yourself traveling...

The Price of "Going Green." How Consumers Can Lead the Charge Against Plastic Pollution.

Posted by Kayla Denson on

Eight million tons. A truckload a minute. That's the amount of plastic waste entering our oceans globally every year according to the World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF). That number continues to grow every day and the multinational companies we spend our money with are carrying a large amount of the blame.