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The Benefits of One Bag Travel: Everything You Need To Know

Posted by Ryan Thompson on
The Benefits of One Bag Travel: Everything You Need To Know - ORRA™

It’s been almost two years since the pandemic started and people are getting antsy to travel again. With that said, the way we travel will forever be changed. Lines in airports for checking luggage are longer than ever and fees are through the roof. So, what can you do to ensure your next trip is as hassle free as possible?

One Bag Travel or “onebagging” is the practice of minimalist packing for travel that everything can be carried on your body in a single, wheelless bag that meets international size and weight requirements. This philosophy can be applied to a weekend trip or a month long adventure. The advantages of onebagging outweigh (pun intended) the luxury of having an oversized rolling suitcase. When traveling with one carry-on bag, you have the freedom of getting off the plane or train and immediately starting your adventure. There’s no waiting around at the baggage claim and you don't have to worry about your bag going missing or being stolen in transit.

Below are some helpful tips to help you prepare for a hassle free vacation:

1: Choose Your Wardrobe Wisely

One philosophy that some onebaggers live by is to pack 3 sets of clothing max. You wear one, wash one and dry one as needed. Repeat the cycle as needed. If you’re traveling somewhere that doesn’t have washing machines go for synthetic blends of fabrics that wick moisture quickly allowing for easier washing and drying. Do you really need more than two pairs of shoes? Most likely not. One athletic pair that can also be used for casual dining and a pair of sandals should cover your footwear basics.

2: Packing Cubes are Your Friend

Packing cubes are beneficial for saving space as the gently compress your clothes, which will keep your bag better organized and hold everything in place. When packing your cubes remember that rolling instead of folding your clothes will maximize storage capabilities.

3: Minimize Your Electronics

The more electronics you pack, the more accessories and cables come along for the ride. Most travel books can be downloaded onto a Kindle or smartphone. Are you a professional photographer or editor? If no, leave the laptop and DSLR at home. Your smartphone can handle all the videos, photos and on-the-go editing you may be doing while on your trip.

4: Wear Your Bulky Gear

Traveling somewhere that requires a jacket, boots or other bulky items can quickly take up precious space in your bag. When traveling, you can save space by wearing the jacket and boots, while smaller items like sandals or outer jacket shell can be stored in the bag.

5: Select A Versatile Bag

Ideally, you want a wheelless bag with versatile straps that allow for various ways of carrying the bag. A proper sized bag should range between 40 and 50 liters and be within the maximum carry-on size of most airlines so that you can pack as much as possible.

The ORRA™ Duffle with its rugged durability and clean styling was engineered for modern travelers and active lifestyles who get up, gear up and go.

Adaptable features allow travelers to wear this duffle as a backpack — with two removable and adjustable body-contoured shoulder straps that can be used in a double or single adjustable cross-strap configuration or stowed away for carrying at the side. Larger external side pockets adorn the duffle’s exterior with center storage panels for quick-access items. The main compartment opens to spacious storage and features many thoughtfully placed internal zipper pockets for organizing gear and efficient travel.

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