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How Plastic Bottles Are Being Turned Into Fabric

Posted by Ryan Thompson on
How Plastic Bottles Are Being Turned Into Fabric - ORRA™

By 2050, industry experts expect that there will be more plastic than fish in the sea. The planet's heavy reliance on single-use plastic has resulted in nearly 8 million tons of plastic in the ocean each year. Plastic waste produced by large corporations has resulted in severe harm to our ocean’s ecosystem where most sea life test positive for microplastics in their systems —fortunately, small businesses and companies are looking toward sustainable options to mitigate the damage and it’s all thanks to REPREVE.

Reimagining what single-use plastic can be

Unifi's REPREVE Recycle Center creates moisture-wicking, thermal-controlled, and water-resistant fabric made from the millions of plastic waste dumped in our oceans. Since 2009, REPREVE has recycled more than 2 billion plastic bottles. Companies like Ford and ORRA utilize REPREVE fabric to create sustainable products that use 100% recyclable plastic. REPREVE collects recycled plastic bottles and turns them into plastic flakes called ‘chips.’ These chips can then go on to be created into sturdy fiber which is finally spun into a fabric.

The new standard for performance gear

ORRA's backpacks, cardholders, dopp kits, and totes all use the same fabric which makes these products sustainable and durable for people of all lifestyles. ORRA’s focus on both sustainability and quality has resulted in high-performance gear that won’t disappoint.

Click here to learn what other popular brands use Repreve fabric.

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